Friday, October 21, 2005

My wife thinks she is funny

So I got home tonight and checked my email. My wife sent me an email and I opened it up to find 4 links to sites on how to fold a fitted sheet, including one at Martha Stewart .com. In the words of one of my employees "A thousand clowns are out of a job and you want to be one of them". If you want to know how to properly fold a sheet I would recommend this link

Monday, October 17, 2005

Folding Sheets

A couple questions I have been pondering...warning, they are pretty deep. What is the point of folding sheets? More importantly how do you fold a fitted sheet? I hate those things. You need the wingspan of a giant to be able to do it. Then you have to deal with those elastic fangly ends that don't lay flat no matter what you do. This is how my typical folding escapade goes. I start with the pillow cases, they are simple and small and I think I can fold a mean pillow case. Then I move on to the top sheet (I don't know what the correct term is for these), other than needing another 3' on either arm they aren't to difficult. About the time I am half way done with the top sheet I am already eyeing the fitted sheet and remembering my past experiences with them...never good memories. I pick it up already feeling defeated, grap some corners...I should say grab were there should be corners, stupid elastic makes them weird shaped. I then start folding like I know what I am doing and then just end up wadding it up into a similar size as the top sheet. The only thing is that it is a big mess that is nowhere near flat so I step on it, beat it, and anything else I can do to make it look "nicely folded". I guess they are necessary but I definately don't understand them.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

More deer hunting stories

I have been really busy lately with work, a trip to Chicago, and some bow hunting when I could sneak it in. After opening day I thought it would be a pretty good season...because of all the deer I saw that day...looking back that was a bit of an understatement. It has been unreal.

On October 6 I sat out with Brad and Marcus. Pretty early in the evening I had a group of deer come in behind me feeding on acorns. In the group was a spike. I decided to take him when he offered a perfect broadside shot 15 yards away. Deer never stop to amaze me with their strength and ability to survive. I hit him through one lung. He ran off and stopped 30 yards out, stood there for 5 minutes, before walking off. I sat there confused, wondering if I had missed, wondering what had happened. I decided to keep sitting. There were some does in the group with him and they began feeding on acorns again and worked their way back towards me. They ended up right under my tree. The buck had already walked away so I figured I might as well put a dent in the doe population. I took the biggest one with a 5 yard shot. I decided to wait until the next morning to look for the deer, it was a cold night, and I didn't want to jump them while tracking...I would regret that decision the next day. The spike ended up going around 200 yards, I am amazed he could go that far with a shot through the lung. The doe went about 50 yards. I should have tracked her the night before because the coyotes found her before I did. It is amazing how much they could eat in one night...they feasted well.

On October 10 I sat out with Brad. Some quick background on Brad. It is his first real bow season. He has gone gun hunting for a couple years. I got him started on bow hunting last year and he bought his first bow this past winter. He has never shot a deer in his life. We sat about 100 yards apart overlooking a rye field. Around 6:30 I saw a few does over by him and figure he is probably going to get a shot when I hear, THWACK, he couldn't wait any longer and made a perfect shot at 32 yards. Like anyone who shoots their first deer he was a little excited. We decided to keep sitting, hoping that we might see some more deer. Around 20 minutes later a spike came out into the field and then a short time later a 5 point came out. The two bucks began fighting...first time I have ever seen was awesome. They pushed and shoved eachother all over the field...just not by either of us. A doe came out and they began fighting a little offs I guess. The doe finally began heading towards Brad right before dark. Like they were on a string the two bucks followed her. Brad shot the bigger one and it ran off towards me nearly hitting every tree. It went down just out of my view. I thought Brad was going to fall out of his tree he was so excited after shooting the buck. After some easy tracking we found both of them pretty easily.

Two deer in one night, pretty impressive. Two deer in one night when you haven't ever taken a deer, awesome. Two deer in one night twice in 5 days, unbelievable.

So that brings us to tonight. I sat out with my nephew Matt. Around 6:30 he called me but I coudn't call him back because I had a couple does by me. Soon after that I had a nice buck by me. I decided to take a shot at him when he walked out into an opening at 30 yards. My arrow sailed harmlessly over his back, I was bummed. I called Matt to find out that he had missed a really nice buck. Two missed bucks, unbelievable. We decided to keep sitting, good thing. Right before dark I heard some crunching behing me. I figured it was the turkeys that had been fooling me all year. When I glanced over my shoulder I was suprised to see another buck sneaking behind me. I quickly stood up, turned my body around, and got my bow situated on the other side of the tree. He stopped right in the trail only 15 yards away. I drew and shot quickly. It was a perfect shot and I heard him crashing in the brush not far away. He only went 35 yards my shot went through his lung and his heart. I prefer that kind of tracking...short and easy.

So in 15 days we have taken 6 deer. Four bucks and two does...unbelievable.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

So opening day of bow season was a lot of fun. Two of my nephews, a friend from work, and I headed out early Saturday morning. It was a perfect morning. Clear, cool, little wind. Everyone saw deer that day. I saw 9 deer...10 if you count the one my nephew Aaron took. It was good to be in the woods, enjoying nature. I had a few shots at does but decided to hold out for a buck...I saw a buck on Saturday night but didn't have a shot. It seems like it should be good season we are seeing lots of deer, mostly does.