Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a...

Having your second child is a lot different than the first. This time around for me has felt a whole lot different...the fact that I know what life change lies around the corner for us probably has something to do with that.

For first time parents to be there is nothing you can do to prepare for life with a child. You think you have an idea of what things will be like but really you have no idea.

For me this time around it has seemed surreal. To the point that I have had to keep reminding myself that Natasha really is pregnant. That is starting to change. In less than a week we have the Dr visit where we can find out the gender. I am a visual person and I know that when I see the screen showing those little hands, feet, and nose that my heart will be racing. I am excited to see that little face and to know girl or boy.


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