Thursday, March 08, 2007

Things I am looking forward to

I went for a walk tonight and my mind started wandering to things I am looking forward to doing with Junior or seeing him do.

  • It started with this: pushing him around the neighborhood in his stroller
  • Carrying him around on top of my shoulders
  • Taking him fishing
  • Watching him chase Natasha around the house
  • Making a huge pile of leaves to jump in
  • Watching him see his first snowflake
  • Seeing him crawl
  • Reading books to him
  • Helping him understand God's love for him
  • Teaching him to ride a bike
  • Watching him take his first steps
  • Wrestling together
  • Embarassing him in front of his friends
  • Trick or Treating together...I mean watching him
  • Spending an autumn morning in the woods with him
  • Teaching him to drive a Bobcat
  • Watching the bees in our bee hives with him
  • Teaching him to swim
  • Snowball fights
  • Making his first snowman with him
  • Building a tree fort together
  • Teaching him about archery
  • Making an igloo in the backyard
  • Having a long distance watermelon seed spitting contest
  • Teaching him to climb a tree
  • Watching him play little league baseball
  • Watching him bite into a lemon
  • Going canoeing
  • Taking him to NewZealand
  • Teaching him to shoot a basketball
  • Showing him how to throw a baseball
  • Counting the stars with him


At 3:22 PM, Blogger BJ said...

Now that 4th to last one, seems like a real good idea!


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