Friday, February 02, 2007

Artic Wonder

Today I faced the artic wonder head on...actually it was more frozen face on. Everyone else at work had spent the night plowing while I spent it curled up like a little babe sleeping away under our down comforter. So rather than sitting at work alone I decided to venture out of doors.

I don't know if you caught the forecast from Scary Terry and WoodTv this morning (she gets that name from me for her forecast usually has a tone of impending doom from the weather we will be experiencing. I am convinced it is a ploy to get us glued to the tv). Anyway, Scary Terry's forecast for the weekend is snow, cold, and wind...blizzard conditions.

I take Scary Terry's forecast and apply the scary factor to them. For instance tonight and tomorrow she is forecasting we could see 12 inches of snow. 12 x scary factor = my forecast of 4 inches of snow. It usually works out pretty close, except for the very rare times she is lucky and guesses it right. We will see if tonight is one of those times...I am guessing not.


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