Sunday, January 22, 2006

My one day hobby

For the past few years I have thought about trying radio controlled airplanes. I have had no real experience with them...just think it would be pretty cool to fly one. I even found a web site last year where I could fly a pretend one on my computer screen...not exactly the real thing but close. I kind of lost the gotta have one bug recently...until I found one for $35. I figured what did I have to loose.

Well after a few hours of assembly and a couple of mini flights to see how the controls worked I took my plane out last weekend. I found a nice wide open field in a park and after a few tense moments decided to launch it.

The flight kind of went like this. The plane began a quick ascent, at about 75 feet of height it began banking left, shortly after the banking began it started to descend...quickly. It covered the 75 feet in mere moments. At about 35 feet I became concerned and tried everything I could do to gain control of the missile I was now watching. At about 10 feet I gave up all hope of recovering the flight. At 5 feet I began thinking about how well the plane would survive the crash that was about to happen. At the point of impact I saw a lot of pieces fly and it was over. It was my first and last flight...unless she can be rebuilt.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Bruce said...

We need to talk, I've tons of free advise and spare parts. Oh yea, and a few war stories of my own to make you laugh.


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