Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm sorry

I feel its necessary for me to apologize. I got a new plow for my truck yesterday (long story we won't go into) and we got it all hooked up (the we does not refer to me in anyway another long story). So I was pretty excited yesterday afternoon and really wanted to test it out so included a request for snow in my prayers. Maybe I need to be more specific in my requests...2" would have been plenty, 7" was more than enough.

So to all the kids who got the day off from school...I am sorry school got cancelled :) That is the crazy thing with snow days, we don't think kids should try to get to school because its to cold, snowy, and dangerous out. But what is every kid doing today. I know what I did every snow day I had. I would be anxiously watching the TV or listening to the radio in hopes of hearing my school was cancelled. I'd do the victory lap around the house all excited I didn't have to go. Then we would all suit up for a day outside filled with snowballs, snowmen, sliding, ice skating, hot chocolate, snowmobiling and repeat. Yup, way to dangerous to get to school. May your snowballs and snowmen be big and round, may your hot chocolate be warm and chocolate', and may your sled slide like your on ice.

I have been up to long...I am going to bed.

Nighty night.


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