Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rabbits are dangerous

Its official Michigan's regular firearm season ended last night. Thankfully we still have more archery, a muzzleloader, and a late antlerless season if the twitch and itch get to be to much.

For me it signals that start of my life again. It is crazy how much my life gets put on hold for the purpose of chasing a furry creature. It has been a crazy season. We took more deer off our farm then any year before, twelve. Twelve deer is a lot of deer. Five or six of them went to families with needs. That is pretty cool to see and be a part of.

Today also signals the start of another part of my life...the chasing of another furry woodland creature. The elusive and dangerous cottontail rabbit. Don't believe me, come along sometime. It is fun to get out in God's creation listening to hounds on the chase. I look forward to it. I know my dogs seems like every morning I let them out, especially the days we have snow on the ground, they come back in all excited probably hoping that I am going to say, "Do you want to hunt the bunnies?". That will send them into a manic frenzy. Going into a closet and coming out with something orange usually gets them going to.

So Saturday I think I will test my mind against the dangerous cottontail. Penny and Abby...prepare yourselves, come Saturday we hunt.


At 7:22 AM, Blogger Jason said...

hey man....that sounds like alot of fun. I love what goes on in your heart around the hunting topic. You can tell that you just come alive. Keep fueling the fire of your passion.


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