Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Griswald Family Christmas

I love that movie...Clark is my hero, although I am pretty much the complete opposite. I feel like I am surrounded by Griswald's in my neighborhood. We have completely outlined in lights houses, we have inflated Santa's, snowmen, and Snow Globes! We even have a neighbor with singing Christmas lights...yeah, they get a little annoying after you've heard Jingle Bells for the 4th time in 10 minutes. Just about every house you drive by you can see the perfectly decorated Christmas tree with presents stacked all around it. They are all pretty impressive...until you look at our house.

I think we have the most bare home in the hood. Our idea of Christmas decorating is to leave our porch light on all really sets the mood. We have no Christmas lights, no holly, no greens, no presents, no Chrismas tree, no, zero, nada. It looks like Scrooge lives here.

One thing I don't understand about this Christmas is all the news about church's being closed on Sunday. Its been like huge news on some tv stations here. I don't think these people get it. I think we all can get to caught up in the what day, what hour, what minute, what second to memorialize things in our lives. I have a hard time believing God cares if we celebrate Jesus' birth on December 24 or December 25. It makes you kind of wonder how many days people that have an issue with this have God part of their life...Sunday's only, biweekly, monthly, all the major holidays - "Chreasters" (Christmas and Easter only attenders). Thats my rant for the day. Maybe its because I am lacking energy lately, but it seems like an issue not worth the energy it is taking.


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