Thursday, November 24, 2005


It was a cold, cold, cold morning. At times it felt like the wind would just blow right through you. I met my brother-in-law and three nephews at the farm. We normally head out to the stands an hour before it was so cold and windy we waited until about 1/2 hour before light. By the time I got to my stand it was almost light out. Thankfully I was sitting in a large pine tree that provided some shelter from the wind. Not long after first light I heard one of my nephews shoot. He called on the phone to say he had shot a big doe. We sat for another half hour before getting down to see his deer. We drug it out of the woods and began the gutting the time we got back to the barn it was a little after 9 am. While we were loading everything up one of my nephews noticed another deer out in one of our fields in some tall grass. Three of us quickly headed in that direction and figured it had bedded down to get out of the wind. We began stalking through the grass...the doe jumped up right in front of my nephew that spotted it and he made quick work of putting it down.

When I drove into the farm at 5:45 am today and the wind was howling and it was like 13 degrees with a windshill that I am sure was below zero I didn't think we had much of a chance of seeing anything. Two deer and my other nephew had a big coyote run by him at about 3 feet. Its been an awesome Thanksgiving Day so can only get better, right? Bring on the mashed potatoes and turkey.


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