Monday, November 28, 2005

My beauty

As much as this was written for my wife it also speaks of my relationship with Christ.

I haven't given my all to my beauty.
I selfishly held on to a part of me.
Yet I demanded all from my beauty.
Where is the love in that?

Today I give myself to my beauty.
All of me, all my love.
I long for my beauty to accept my love.
I belong to my beauty.

I belong to my beauty and her love is for me.
Our desire is for us.
We long for one another.
Evil longs for us apart.

I see her pain and know her suffering.
The emptiness, loneliness, and lies wound so deep.
Fragile love.
Wounded hearts waiting, hoping.

Come to me my love. Come to me.
I vow to protect your love.
To hold it tightly, to care for it.
To cherish its value.

I give you my all, my love.
I desire your all, my beauty.
For you to be in me and me to be in you.
I belong to my beauty and her desire is in me.


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