Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week 21

So "we" are at week 21 now. Not much has changed, for me. My first thought to questions like, Have you picked out names? Do you know if it is a boy or a girl? Have you started on the baby's room? Have you registered for baby things?, is still "For what?". My second thought is still, "oh yeah, we are having a kid". My third and fourth thoughts are still, "Oh my gosh, we are having a kid!" and "Oh my gosh, I am going to be a dad". The whole thing is still hard to believe.

Things for Natasha continue to change. Yesterday morning when I got up I sat there in bed looking at her in awe. There is a life in her. That blows my mind. There is actually a life being formed inside of her. At the same time that is a little freaky. Who is this little life that is being formed? We don't know it, I wonder if it feels alone? We don't know its name, how can you name something you haven't even seen? We have no idea what it will look like and we have no idea what kind of personality it will have, but it is there just look at my wife she is umm, for some reason she doesn't like it when I tell her that.

The update I got for this week is that the baby is like 10 oz. That seems big when you start out at 0 oz. but when you think about most kids are 6 - 8 lbs and there are 16 oz in a lb...there has to be a whole lot of growth going on in these next 19 weeks. I guess that is why I am in awe of my wife. She makes me feel all special some mornings when I am getting ready for work, she will be half awake and say that she loves me. Usually when I ask why, she responds with something about how she appreciates me getting up everyday and going into work to provide for her. So yeah, when I sat there the other morning looking at her in bed, thinking about how a life was being formed in her, how she is growing a new life in do I love my wife.


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