Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yesterday morning, as you can see from the above picture, “we” had our second ultrasound appointment. This one made it even clearer that inside Natasha there is life. The picture also points out that the life in Natasha is a boy! And he is busy. I found myself sitting their yesterday saying over and over in my head, ‘That is stinkin amazing’. One that there is life in Natasha, two that the life in her is a result of us, three that I am going to be a dad (that is just freaky to type), four that Natasha is going to be a mom, five did I say there is life in her, six that we could watch it on a screen, seven that it stuck out its tongue, eight that it has two arms, two hands, ten fingers, two legs, two feet, ten toes and one head, nine that we saw its heart beating and the four chambers of its heart, ten that we saw the blood flowing through the placenta, eleven that 22 weeks ago there was nothing and today there is a growing baby, and twelve that we saw “it” is a boy!

I should probably explain 11 a little. We were so sure that it was going to be a girl. No real basis for that other than I think when you grow up with four sisters, Natasha only has a sister...I guess I just figured it would be a girl, but as you can see from the picture its not. So no, we don’t have names picked out unless we go with a boy named Sue.

I am still surprised it is a boy. I guess I can stop calling him an it, it is a he. The name searching begins as reality begins setting in. I am excited that I will have a son. Thankfully the Versluys name will live on, it all came down to me…no pressure kid, it all comes down to you now, consider it your first gift. Tuesday I am going shopping for his second gift. We are going to a place where every boy’s first gifts should come from…Cabela’s. Oh the choices that will have to be made, mossy oak or realtree hardwoods, 20 gauge or .410, camo diaper bag or camo one-sy ( I don’t even know how to spell that), but if they have a tree stand that is designed to hold a car seat that is what I will be coming home with...anybody know any beagle puppy's for sale?

Oh, poor Natasha...she is going to be out numbered and out voted.


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