Friday, December 15, 2006

Who's thirsty?

I have a lot of days where I go to church to consume and to get, for that matter I have a lot of days where I go through life consuming and getting, not searching out those who are thirsty for a life in God.

I was listening to Erwin McManus this morning and his words hit me today: "Don't spend your life trying to impress me, spend it serving humanity. True worship serves, it gives itself away it focuses on the object of Gods love...people. What happens at church is not the apex of worship...its not the music...nothing will happen at church that will be the apex of worship. The apex of worship is what we do when we leave church and we give our lives away to those that are hurting and rejected."

I don't know about you but I catch myself in church or leaving church thinking about how great it was to "worship" God. When I was listening to Erwin it got me thinking about when was the last time during the week I had that same was great to worhip God. I think a lot of times I am rushing around trying to impress God in my consumption, in things, in getting, in reading, in thinking, in hearing.


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