Sunday, July 16, 2006


Holy heat. Trying to beat the heat today by staying in doors this afternoon. I will be venturing out tonight to try a little bass fishing with one of my nephews...should be a good evening to fall overboard.

I do have a story on how to not beat the not try this it doesn't work. A few years ago, when I was younger and not as bright, I was with a co-worker at our tree farm on a similarly hot day. At the time we were taking lunch in a un-air condtioned truck. We were complaining to eachother about how hot it was and how aweful it was to be outside in such weather. Seeings we had at least another 5 hours to enjoy the wonderfully warm weather we began discussing ways we could beat the heat. One idea led to another which led us to ponder; what if we took the rest of our lunch in the truck with the windows rolled up and the heat on high? Would it feel cooler outside when we returned to work? Now that I look back I can see we were definately in the early stages of heat exhaustion if we hadn't already moved into the heat stroke category. Why would you sit in a enclosed vehicle with the heat on when it is 95 +/- degrees outside. Needless to say it didn't feel cooler outside when we finished our lunch inside our 130 degree vehicle and ventured back out into the cool 95 degree heat.

These past few weeks I have really felt a tug on my heart to go deeper into God's word. I miss the group of guys I had been meeting with weekly to talk about what we were reading and dealing with in life. I look forward to the end of our "summer break" and returning to those awesome times of discovery. It has been so easy to blow off my quiet time lately, excuses flow from my brain faster than I can think. I'm late, I could use an extra 10 minutes at work, I've got to eat breakfast...surely God will understand I need nurishment. Man, what a hoser I've been. God bring me the nurishement of your words. Fill me up with your breath. Open my ears, wipe the crusties off these tired eyes, and come permeate this soul.


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