Friday, June 16, 2006

Faith the size of a mustard seed

Some days I don't even think my faith in God is that big. Our church does an awesome Father's Day service, complete with Ribs, Car show, and Rootbeer Floats. Its an awesome tool to meet specifically guys that wouldn't normally walk in the door. So the past couple weeks I have been thinking about who do I know that should be there. I just felt like there was someone I was supposed to be inviting that really needed to be there. Well on Wednesday it became perfectly obvious who it was. I work with a guy that has worked at Twin Lakes for 20 some years. I was about 10 when I first met him. He has not had a "perfect" life, not that anyone does, but there have been a rough things that have happened in his life. On Wednesday I was talking with him and it became obvious in our conversation that he really needed to hear about God's grace. The things he was currently dealing with were very difficult and involved his abilities with his children. It was also obvious that this was the person I had been praying for, this was the person that needed an invitation to hear about God's love and grace. So I invited him and he even said he probably would come.

So in that moment I am riding the high of seeing God work and being apart of that process. About an hour later I am thinking about could happen on Sunday. This is the point where my extremely small amount of faith comes in. I began thinking about what Phil and Jason might be speaking about, what will be singing about, and what will be the overall message of the day. Then I began worrying about what if it has nothing to do with what my friend is going through...what if it isn't what he needs to hear. Basically, what if God doesn't show up. Never mind that he tied all these events and people together for this moment to possibly happen and now I am questioning if he is capable of coming through on Sunday. It's these moments that make me feel like my faith is so small it is sometimes pitiful.

God show up like you do, show up like you are capable, and show up big because you are an awesome God.


At 9:39 AM, Blogger Jason said...

I'll be praying for this deal...that's awesome. I also thank you for coming to cheer us on last night. Your presence almost won us the game in the last inning!


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