Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I returned to my roots and went fishing last night in the lake I grew up on. It has been a long time since I cast a line into these waters.

Its amazing, really not in that much time, how much something can change. The fallen trees that once held the big bass were not there, they had succumb to the water and time. They had been replaced by new fallen trees in different places that changed the whole lay of the lake. The coves and hot spots that I had once fished are nothing but a memory. I felt like a fish out of water at times. Luckily my nephew was with me and is a master of this lake. He pointed out the new hot spots with amazing accuracy.

I find it amazing that as I get older it is so much less about the end result. Last night it was not about the fish even though we were fishing. It was more about being out in nature, God's creation. It was watching my Jitterbug dance across the water while spending time with a nephew.


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