Saturday, May 20, 2006

Knocked on my butt

So Thursday afternoon my voice started feeling scratchy. Then I started getting a stuffed up nose and by the time I got home from work I also had a pounding headache. I crawled into bed early and woke up Friday morning feeling like utter crap. I stayed home from work and laid around...mostly complaining. When I get sick I get needy and whinny. My wife doesn't seem to like that, although I thought that was what first attracted her to neediness and whining (I will probably be getting knocked on my butt again for saying that).

As I am coming out of my sick stupor I wonder if God doesn't sometimes feel like my wife. That I am needy and whinny. Because I think he wants so much more. Its pretty much only a one way relationship when I am needy and whinny...its all about me.

Ever since I finished the last Nav 2:7 book I have had a hard time staying in the word. It is so easy to find an excuse, I do my reading in the morning...its been pretty easy to convince myself that breakfast, a shower, loading the dishwasher, getting gas, moving a load of laundry, checking the sprinklers, or getting to work earlier is more important on any given day. Not very Joshua 1:8


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