Sunday, March 16, 2008

Garage Door Burgler

Saturday, after we watched the dog jumping, we went for a walk since it was a beautiful afternoon. Max likes riding on my back in his backpack. It gives him a birds eye view of the world or at least our neighborhood. It was a great day to be outside; the sun was out their were big poofy clouds set in a deep blue sky, the birds have returned, and there were all sorts of people out doing various things.

After the walk we played for a while and then sat down for dinner. We did something that we don't often all do...we sat at the table to eat, all of us at the same time. It seems like we were about half way done eating when I heard something and Natasha turned to me and asked, "What was that". We both thought it was the garage door. She opened the our door to look into the garage and sure enough it was up about 6 inches. Strange. My first thought was that someone was either playing a great practial joke on us or someone was casing the neighborhood for a burglary. We returned to dinner and after 5 minutes we heard the garage door start going up again. This time I was sure someone was looking into breaking in so I ran out through the garage looking up the street both ways...nothing. Natasha had followed me out and we walked back into the house confused.

We both were about to sit down when Natasha realized we had left the garage door opener in her jacket after the walk and her jacket was on her chair and if she leaned back just right it pushed the button. We enjoyed a good laugh about that one.


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