Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vacation and Spring is coming

I'm on vacation!

Life has been crazy busy at work for me the past 6 weeks...and this is supposed to be our slow time of the year where we rest up for the spring time rush...hah! Last week I actually found myself wishing for that spring time rush because it would be a slower pace than the pace I was currently running. So yes, these 5 days that I'm taking off are much needed.

I am looking forward to spring. Warmer weather, green grass, leaves on trees, birds chirping...all of that. It is really not that far least that is what I've been telling myself. I've convinced myself that even more now that I've smelled a skunk on two occasions, my sister saw one last weekend, and I talked to another person that smelled one...I've convinced myself that skunks hibernate and they are starting to "awaken" just like I am hoping nature will do soon. Actually, I am afraid to Google skunks out of a fear that I will find out that they don't hibernate and that their coming out of dens is a sign that winter is only 1/3 over.

I've also noticed that it is getting noticibly lighter in the morning and staying lighter later in the evening. I can't be the only one that feels this way about this seems like it has been snowy for ever. So here's to hoping for an early spring and that you see and smell a lot of skunks.

And just so you know it's 7:30 am...I've been up for 3 1/2 hours (I meet with a group of guys at 5am on Thursdays) and I'm going back to bed...until Max wakes up then its off to Lowes. It's a great day to be on vacation!


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