Sunday, March 16, 2008

Flying Dogs

Saturday we went to an outdoors show in Grand Rapids. Natasha had gotten some free tickets. When she first told me about it a month ago, she sold it to me as an RV show. I agreed to go but was wondering, why are we going to an RV show.

It wasn't until Friday that I saw anything about the show and the events. I was thrilled to see there would be Ultimate Air Dogs!

It was pretty sweet to see. There were dogs that jumped 9 inches and there were some that jumped out to 24 feet. There was even one handler that walked backwards right off the dock into the water. Max liked seeing the dogs as they walked by but he screamed everytime the crowd cheered after a jump.

I am glad he is only 10 months old...if he was 22 months old I could see me finding him training Abby in the bathtub.


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