Saturday, February 02, 2008

I can walk!

It's been a big weekend here:

Max learned how to bite...thankfully not us but his animal crackers. If you put one in his mouth and tell him to bite he does it...then he laughs as we make chomping noises and say yes.

He can also identify Abby, the dog, and mommy. If you ask him where his mommy is he will look at Natasha and start to smile. If you ask him where the doggy or Abby is he looks all around until he can find her then laughs and shreaks.

Max also knows how to give 5. Granted the other person has to do most of the 5 giving, he does hold his hand up for it. He has been clapping his hands for a week or so, and now today he will start clapping if we ask "Max clap your hands".

And as you can see from the above clip he can walk around while pushing his toy. It's a big weekend for Max.

I am amazed at the development in 9 months. He still has 2 days before he has been here for 9 full months. I often find myself looking at him and wondering where in the world this kid came from. Its been an amazing 9 months...I am excited to live out the next 9.


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