Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Max update

So Max is now 10 months old...that is crazy. I am constantly amazed at the developmental process. It is like he learns something new everyday...not always good things. For instance he has figured out if he drops his fish crackers, while in his high chair, Abby will be his best friend. She learned long ago to park herself under his chair to feed off the food that was dropped from above. He is also crawling at about a level 9 speed and although he hasn't taken any steps on his own power with out holding onto something, I think he could...he just doesn't know he is capable of it yet.

I love getting home from work. I look forward to seeing what he has learned and seeing his face light up when he sees me. He is usually off playing in some part of the house, if he has heard me he will be crawling to find me with a big smile on his face other wise when I find him he will turn his head with a huge grin when he realizes it's me. That is one of my most favorite moments in life right now.

So I am off to see Mr. Smiles


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