Friday, March 28, 2008

Max-al Wave Protection

Max loves bath time. We are in the midst of redoing our kitchen and part of the redo is a new sink. It's a perfect size for Max. The only problem is that Max likes to conclude bath time with about 5 minutes of splashing and this isn't your typical splish splash. No, Max likes to empty the water out of the sink by splashing it all over me, the floor, and the rest of the kitchen. Mommy has had only has one rule...move the paper towels. Recenty she added another, don't get the new paint wet. is a kid supposed to enjoy a Man Night bath with out some serious splashing. Thankfully with all the construction going on we have plenty of cardboard and not to mention a genious of a daddy. Splash away my son splash away. (It's Maxal Wave for a Max Tidal wave) I do have model #1 failed during innitial testing.


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