Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The last week has been tough for our little Max. His teeth are on the move and I am sure it is quite painful for him. Saturday he was much more "normal". He was click to flash that smile and the sparkle was back in his eye...we also noticed the first teeth popping through on the top are his fangs.

Our kitchen has been reduced to four walls and thats it...so last night we headed out to O'Charley's for dinner. It is amazing to see Max interact with people and the affect this little 7 month old has on people. We have this sweet little chair that clips to the table top...there are no legs to it so if you catch him in it out of the corner of your eye you might think he is floating there. At least 4 of the wait staff came by and commented on his chair and his smile...which got him smiling more and more. The host came by and commented on Max's chair and smile telling us if we needed anything to just ask.

Since our kitchen is reduced to four walls we had no easy way to warm up Max's dinner...our waiter was more than happy to take his little packaged dinner back into their kitchen to warm it up for him...it returned on a little plate that was met by more smiles. While we were feeding him a mom and her two daughters were sat a few tables behind Max. He spent the remainder of our time taking a bite of food and then turning his little neck as far as he could so he could see those girls and flash his killer smile at them.

We ended up deciding to split a desert since Max was in no hurry to leave his position of people watching. As we got ready to leave most of the wait staff, kitchen, and host came by to say bye to Max. Our bill didn't include the cost of the desert and when I asked him to re-run the bill he flashed his own smile and said: "I know, Happy Birthday!" as he winked at Max.

I still find myself looking at Max eyeball to eyeball and asking "where did you come from?" and "how did you get here?". I am so blessed to have him for a son. He brings such joy to us. He continues to amaze me as he learns to grab things, throw things, bang on things, mimick my moves and sounds, and pushes himself to walk...he is not far away.

I often find myself in moments dreaming of what it will be like as Max gets older and is walking and talking. Whether its shoveling the driveway with him or him running the snowplow controls as we plow some snow. I could go on and on but I hear the little guy stirring in his bed...I am going to stop typing and go let him melt my heart...when his eyes turn to me and I see that smile and sparkle I melt like frosty on a 90 degree day.


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