Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More adventures of Jim and Max

Sunday night Max and I were home alone while Natasha ran some errands. I was watching a football game and Max was jumping in his jumper when Natasha left...as she left she said "I think he may be dirtying his diaper". I decided to wait a few minutes so I didn't get a surprise on the changing table...mistake #1. The game got exciting and Max was enjoying the jumping so more than a few minutes passed...mistake #2. After some jumping Max slowed down so I decided to lay him down under his toys...mistake #3. He wasn't interested in his toys and began fussing so I decided he was tired and took him into his room to lay him down for a nap...mistake #4. As soon as I laid him down he began crying and after ten minutes of crying I returned to see what was the matter. When I picked him up he began laughing and smiling...I figured he wasn't sleepy and wanted to play...mistake #5. So back to his toys. I laid down next to him and we began playing with the things that dangle in front of his face. Thats when I remembered the diaper that I was going to change 30 minutes ago. I scooped him up and brought him to the changing table to discover what 5 mistakes will get you...2 more of them.

As I carefully began removing clothing I could see the downfall of Huggies...they don't "hug" in the back. The poo was not contained and had migrated up his back almost all the way to his ears. Did I mention he hadn't had a bowel movement in a few days? The last item I removed was his shirt which is even more difficult when its coated in poo. This is where mistakes #6 and #7 happened. I had one hand holding a poo covered shirt and the other hand holding up Max who was standing on his changing table. Now when you are holding two poo covered items there isn't much else you can do. I decided to aim for the trash can with the shirt...which made it, but as I released that perfect throw Max began slipping out of the other hand which caused me to grab him by both hands in the poo. My reaction made him giggle and laugh. As he stood back up I stood there wondering what do I do now? I am covered up to my elbows and Max was covered up to his ears in poo. Not many options run through your head when you are in this position. I was debating kitchen sink or bathtub...thats when the Max fountain went off pretty much hitting me square in the chest. Then it was off to the kitchen sink where I grabbed the hand held sprayer to begin powerwashing him off.

Those are the adventures of Jim and Max and we are loving every minute of it.


At 12:25 AM, Blogger The Listros said...

Oh, how we giggled when we read this one!!!!

-C and A


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