Sunday, November 18, 2007

Max update

Natasha here. Just thought I would post a quick update here. Jim has been busy hunting - I'm sure there will be a post sooner or later on the carnage that was pillaged this year. As for Max he appears to be working on some more teeth. He currently has 2 on the bottom. Here are a few pictures.

Max still loves his Jumperoo!!Everything is in danger of being eaten by the Max-monster.
It was yummy mommy!

Just relaxing in my PJs (sometimes until noon). In the bath with daddy and the Bumbo!!
Daddy makes a great bath toy!

Cousin Rachel and the girls came to visit recently. This is Grace, not quite sure what to make of this boy creature.

You lookin' at me Mommy!?!?!


At 8:43 PM, Blogger The Listros said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! We played Skip-bo in honor of you today after diner and rejoiced in the fact that you have your own little Max to celebrate with this year. What a cutie!! We miss you!


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