Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fun with the woodland creatures

Our back yard is a woods. Our entire neighborhood is basically a woods. It is full of animals. This summer we a flock of turkeys that came through our back yard on a regular basis. We see deer and there are plenty of birds. Not that long ago Natasha decided that we needed some birdfeeders. There is one other thing our back yard and neighborhood is full of...squirrels. We have black one, grey ones and everything in between. They quickly found our bird feeders and began emptying them on a regular basis...which meant more bird feed and an abnormally high amount of squirrels for our dog to chase. Last week I decided to try something I figured might help with the squirrel population. Our bird feeders are on a pole, that the squirrels can climb...but not when you spray the pole down with a good dose of Pam cooking spray.


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