Sunday, October 29, 2006

Facing my fears

Yesterday I faced one of my fears. Its been one of those things that I try not to think about because of the emotions and thoughts it brings when I do.

Looking at things lately it has been obvious that I needed to face this one. Not facing would only bring problems down the road. So yesterday I did it, I climbed up my old rickety ladder on to the roof and began cleaning the gutters.

It's not so much that the gutters are my is getting to the edge of the roof and peering down the 20 some odd feet to the ground below, that is when my fear sets in. And it is not that I have a fear of heights. I think it is being on an uneven surface with nothing to grab knowing that with one slip I could be going over the edge, because no matter how many shingles I am able to grab, the two nails that hold them are not going to hold me. I think that is why I like trees, plenty of branches to grab hold to if the need arises.


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