Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tis the night before opening day!

Tis the night before opening day, when all throught the house
the archers are stirring, preparing for the first day.

The camo was set out with care,
in preperation for a new season that would soon be here.
The arrows were nestled all snug in the quiver.

Visions of past hunts played in their heads;
wives teased their husbands, as they prepared for the season.

I prepared for the night and lay down for what was sure to be a short nap.

When out of the night I heard the sound of the alarm,
I sprang from my bed to prepare for the morning.

To the garage I flew like a flash,
eating my breakfast and putting on some more camo.

The moon showed bright as I took to my tree,
all painted in colors of autumn.

I breathed in deep to take in the smells of this cool fall morning.
I think it was the snort from this deep breath that awakened me from my dream,
I turned to my clock and it only read 1:47
Ah, still three more long hours before I leave for my tree.


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