Thursday, April 27, 2006

Unfriendly skies

So, I finally repaired my RC airplane. I have been waiting for a calm early Sunday morning to try it out again...based upon previous experiences I have learned to not attempt to fly in any wind including a breeze. Well last Sunday I figured I might as well try her out again, it was calm, quiet, and dry. My first attempt of the day was pretty good. I even made a decent landing in the taller winter rye. To my amazement the plane was still in one piece. I made a second, third, and fourth flight...they were all pretty short, but still impressive for me. On the fifth flight...I should have stopped at four...anyways, things started out well I made a few circles and then began thinking about where I might land when I noticed a large tree was in my flight path. I quickly abandoned my landing and began trying to clear the tree...pretty quickly I realized what was about to happen was not going to be pretty. I braced myself as my little plane got closer, closer, and closer. The poor thing never stood a chance against an eight inch Red Maple branch. The branch stopped it in its tracks. The good news is other than a badly broken left wing she appears to be ok. The bad news is I am not sure I will be fixing her again...I think I will opt for an early retirement. My flying days our done.


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