Wednesday, April 26, 2006


So the other day was my birthday. A few of my employees decided it would be a better idea to leave interesting voicemail messages for me at work rather than the simple and ever popular "hey, happy birthday". They were all pretty interesting messages. They varied in degrees of fear they were intended to inflict upon me. It started with Brad attempting to sound like one of our southern Tennessee tree suppliers and informing me there was a big problem with our order. Next was Aaron attempting to sound like a nationality I am completely unfamiliar with and could not understand a word of. One of the best was the one where one of them had their neighbor call in and say there was a major pesticide spill on one of our jobsites, that my pesticide license was being revoked, and that he would call in the morning to discuss the fines and lawsuits that were pending. There were a couple angry snowplow customers...I think one was supposed to sound French and another was supposed to sound like a Pakistani who had all his sprinklers taken out by one of my drivers. I think it was Marcus who left me the message about winning some exquisite gun from the NRA. Jason left one that sounded like a very large angry man from the Consumers Power, Light, and Cable Company that was going to cut down some of my trees on May 1 if I didn't have them removed. In all I think there had to be close to ten messages...obviously they aren't working hard enough and have far to much time on their hands. None of them will fess up to who's idea it was they will all pay equally.

I also went out for lunch with my parents and Natasha to Outback Steakhouse. My parents church was doing a fund raiser their for their youth group. I have to say that Outback has one of the best giving back to the community ideas I have heard of...the food was free from Outback and the employees were there as volunteers. The church charged whatever they wanted to the congregation...Outback charged nothing. I was very impressed and we ate like Kings...Bloomin Onions, Cheese Fries, Filet Mignon, Potatoes, Salads, and Cheese Cake.

Also, Natasha some how pulled a fast one on me by delivering a birthday cake to our church where I had a small group meeting that night. I was completely fooled and never saw it coming.

I have to say it was one of my more memorable birthdays...full of jokers...who will be paid back :)


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