Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tractor Time

For the past week I have been spending some quality time with my tractor. As much as the fields needed to be worked for planting I needed some time alone. Its been a long spring and summer with little time away from work. When I spend time alone on a tractor going back and forth I get a lot of time to reflect, dream, and ponder.

I had a flock of barn swallows follow me around the whole week. From field to field they were always there, swooping all around me picking off the insects that flew up around me. They were pretty entertaining.

The bean field on the rolling hills provided some awesome views as the wind blew through the leaves with the sun shining down. There were waves of different green shades that flowed through the field constantly.

The clouds have been spectacular lately. Big puffy ones with lots of blue between them all. So many different shapes.

It is so nice to slow down, to think, and to dream.


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