Friday, September 07, 2007


I picked up a new Bible for myself yesterday. It was more of a replacement one. I like having a a small one that I can put in my back pocket, slide under my arm rest in my truck, or stuff in my lunch box. It's a replacement because I already have one...but its in sorry shape. Years of use and abuse have been not kind to it. I've had to tape it back together on more than one occasion and I have used multiple types of tape. Most recently I had to break out the Gorilla Glue...which if you haven't used is the best glue in the world, it holds everything together. Back to my Bible, despite all the glue and tape some pages are beginning to come loose and I was afraid it wouldn't stand up to another day of use in my world of reading.

I'm on vacation this week so my week has been filled with a lot of going here and there. Well yesterday, between going here and there, I found myself near Baker Book House. I had already visited many other bookstores in the past month but none had "the Bible". I saw a lot of other Bible's, in fact, I never realized how many Bible's there are out there. New International Version, American Standard Version, Contemporary English Version, New American Standard Version, New Living Translation, The Message, New Life Version, King James Version, New King James Version, and those don't include all of them for different lifestyles; Children's Bible, Young Kid's Bible, Middle Schooler's Bible, Young Teen Bible, Teen Bible, Girl's Bible, Boy's Bible, Young Adult Bible, Women's Bible, Men's Bible, Backpacker's Bible, Sportsman's Bible, Hiker's Bible, Golfer's Bible, and that is just a few of what I found while looking for "the Bible".

Well yesterday I found "the Bible". When I saw "her" I knew "she" was the one. "She" is a beauty...she is a NIV compact with Black Bonded Leather (no idea what bonded leather means). Wait, that's not all "she" is also a thinline which means "she" is less than 1" thick. Oh yeah "she" is all that.

Now that I have my new Bible I am left in a bit of a quandary. What do I do with my old Bible? I mean you don't just go throwing Bible's you. Are you supposed to burn it like a worn out flag? Do you send it through a paper shredder? Used book sale? Shallow grave?

I decided to google "disposal of a bible" in hopes of getting some direction...I did not anticipate 1,715,000 results in 0.15 seconds. That is a lot of reading to figure out how to properly dispose of a come no one ever speaks on proper Bible disposal? Now there is a sermon title...feel free to use it if you like. After some reading in my google search it looks like burning and burial are the two most common methods. Burning being the favored method, they recommend a large fire that is plenty hot to consume all the pages. A man most have thought that one up...I am all for things dealing with fire. The pyro in me just smiled...many stories I have to tell Max, after he is 21.


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