Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Living Life on the Edge

Tonight we lived life on the edge...half way into our trip to Meijer we (Natasha) realized we (Jim) had forgotten some essential items for our outing. No not Max...but his diaper bag, pacifier, and blanket for the 40 degree dairy isle. All we had for him was the car seat he was sitting in and the Onesie he was wearing. No props if things went wrong or essentials if things got messy. Living life dangerously.

Now for me, and probably most men, there comes a point where you can't go back for something you forgot...for me it's the river, the river is a 1/2 mile from our house. My theory is if I've made it that far with out something I don't need it for where ever I am going. I don't think Natasha really bought into that logic of mine tonight...the rolling eyes gave that away. I tried to assure nothing could go wrong in our 30 minute outing to Meijer. What could go wrong in 30 minutes...45 at most.

As we entered Meijer we were met by the shrilling screams of a child who was not happy...I assumed his parents brought to many props to entertain him and he was overstimulated. I made eye contact with our angel of a son and gave him the "don't ever do that look", he was nodding off to sleep with the look of, yeah right dad, on his face.

I am happy to report there were no problems in our outing. No fussing, screaming, crying, or diaper dirtying. Just one content son making his dad look like a genius as they lived life on the edge.


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