Monday, May 28, 2007

Max on Memorial Day Weekend

This morning Max and I left the house so Natasha could catch up on some much deserved sleep. First we bundled up for a sunrise walk around the neighborhood with was a chilly 43 degrees this morning. Since Max fell sound asleep on the walk we went for a drive in my truck to our farm. It was a beautiful morning to drive around taking in the early morning. We saw rabbits, turkeys, a woodchuck, and several deer...well I saw them, facing reward Max didn't see much other than the back of the seat. We also visited our bee's but they weren't doing much this morning due to the cold.

Saturday night Max met more of his family...

Four Generations of Bos':

His Great-Grandma Bos:

His Great-Grandpa Bos w/ Natasha pointing out his "guns":

Saturday we also gathered with some friends and of course no Memorial Day Weekend is complete without Bobcat races.


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