Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day 2

Well Max is one day old. I already can't remember what life was like with out him. Last night we all got a great night of sleep...much better than the two previous nights. Things are going very well, it looks like we will go home tomorrow around lunch time.

The poor kid has been poked, prodded, and was just circumcised. Natasha informed me a few weeks ago that I would be going with him for that procedure. My nephew Joel was holding him today when they came to get him to be circumcised and I tried to convince Joel to go with him but that didn't work. I will say that it was interesting to watch...I expected a lot more screaming and blood.

Despite the chair that folds out into a "cot" I slept like a rock last night. I use the term cot loosely. It is more like a coffee table. The size that when I lay down and get in the fetal position my feet hang off the end a couple feet. I used my ingenuity and added Natasha's luggage bag to the end of the "cot" so my feet wouldn't hang off. I fell asleep listening to U2 on my iPod...I woke up this morning still listening to U2. That's how hard a sleep I had, no moving, ear mics stayed in ears. But who really cares about that its all about little Max. I think he is doing great. He is long and skinny, he has some big feet and hands. He came with a lot of dark hair but I think it is starting to lighten up. He definately got his nose from Natasha.


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